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Hackinghorses.com is designed to help people that need to work within a budget and are looking to find a genuine and reliable horse without falling into the many pit falls of the horse buying process!

This is not an easy ask as many of the horses out there advertised as ‘saints’ within your budget are, more often than not, very far from being ‘saints’ and in some cases are downright dangerous.

We have enjoyed many years of success with Safecobs.com and we have built a fantastic reputation over this time. However we haven’t been able to please everyone because there are many people that are on a limited budget especially in these times.

We are aiming for Hackinghorses.com to bridge this gap. These horses are chosen for their temperament and suitability as reliable and genuine hacking horses.  They all have completed a full assessment over a number of weeks. We hope you find a horse you like within the price bracket you have set yourself.

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